Verse 1

They said to ‘wake up now’ but I dont want to
It’s time to crack that safe and so i called you
you know the keycode type it in and lets go
no ones gonna see you we gone burn slow on the fresh coast..
and then we’ll take this chop it up and inhale it
push us to the limit take it test this
you know you want to you cant lie to me fam…
I been there since day one first song you a made man
i know you see me every time that you fallen
and i been there to remind you man, ‘you an idol’
I’m your friend.. I hope you do well
we can shoot a couple strippers just to boost sales
you see that pole ain’t so polar opposite
its just a post of compliments that’ll toast your confidence
and so I’m in here posting in your ear drum
hoping that you’ll listen on that moment when that fear comes

Hook 1

she look pretty don’t she sorta make you want her?
we could have it if you answer go ahead and get up on her
and plus my eyes are closed nobody gonna see us
what you afraid of? this is freedom stop debating go and feed us

Verse 2

what it is man? You gonna kill yourself?
you see this ladder ain’t so tall when you take a smell
i want that inhale deep inside ya lungs type
forget what having funs like tonight
jump right into the pit you will never see the light of day
hey want to stay by my side we could taste away
i got that potion i’m your safety net
I’m the homie even if you can’t pay me yet
Don’t you remember?! the summer back when you
were messing with that girl see i never said a thing..
and now you really fell in love and got a ring..
but tell me what would happen if I were to spill it
she would leave you i could kill this dont you get it
i am in it.. and you are finished if you ever try to leave me
cant no-body came and save you you’re a prisoner of me G
take a couple moments just to breathe and make it easy – easy

Hook 2

it feel good don’t it? every time you get this
not a lot of people make it to this point so don’t go waste it
forget the high this is higher than your average
the only ones to manage it are you and me lets handle it

Verse 3

hold up see i hear you in the mirror
every time you speak i could tell too by the weakness
see your favorite sword to use is the one laced with deception..
and in a second I will swing back with the proof
you see the truth is when you feel your grip loosen
you cruise in with the nooses but still it’s translucent
and so you panic and you throw back all my slip ups
like the first time i fell but the point is i was picked up…
and that sickens you don’t lie to me
you tried to hold me down with self hate philosophies
like a cage and I’m wrestlling the hitman hart
with the sharpshooter sinking down like quicksand
back and I’m climbing top of the ropes
escaping through the roof truth let it go
the only time I’m free Is when i trust in my creator
savior, maker, saber, lasers

Hook 3

i keep imagining that one day I will get there
when I’m battling myself it makes it sorta hard to see
but in my dreams I am holding onto levers
that’ll pull me off the center under pressure feeling peace

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