Loving Again

Released May 31, 2019

  • Seattle, WA – New year, new music, new Gowe. Following the viral hits I Wonder, Star In My Eyes and Aurora, Gowe returns from a 4-year hiatus with Loving Again, a audio-visual opus documenting Gowe’s time away from his craft. While fans can expect Gowe to deliver on intricate rhymes and lyricism, they should also keep an eye out for numerous references and homages paid throughout the video.
  • On the heels of his critically acclaimed debut album We Are Hypergiants, Gowe released his sophomore effort Music Beautiful in 2015. However, Gowe felt it necessary to put his passion on hold at this point for personal reasons.
  • In Loving Again, Gowe details his return to the artist’s quest, drawing himself back to music (scarlet cord) and intimately sharing the inner battles with his muse.
  • Loving Again is produced by Staring Cat. The video is produced and directed by Moses Olson.