Music Beautiful

Album writing. Painting of life. Packaging our souls.

The past 18 months have been one of the deepest growing periods I’ve experienced.
It’s ironic – being thankful for anxiety. I’m pretty sure poison was created with the intention to kill. I guess that’s how calluses are formed. Like new fingertips being acquainted with guitar strings for the summer. Can’t deny the beauty that’s created though. Shaky notes turned confident. Time.

It got me thinking though. Maybe seasons of strife can too be beautiful. Not in the present. But upon reflection. But how would we know? Social media’s a projection of our ideals, not a reflection. I guess that can still change. The brave ones. I thrive on personal conversations. Helps remove the shield. Ever been inside a suit of armor? It can get hot. Claustrophobic. Hard to breathe.

That was my framework when working on Music Beautiful. An honest piece. Finding beauty in the abstract. The outcast in our classroom isn’t evil. He just has a different rhythm. A different style. A beautiful one if we took time to listen.

God surrounds us with good people. Our backbones. Ears that have no agenda. Genuine, good hearted people with hands extended to help. Hands to pull when we’re dangling off cliffs. If anything, I hope this project highlights that. Good people are around us. Beauty isn’t always conventional. We’re all in this together.

Music Beautiful 3.30.15

Hypergiants out.

– Gowe

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