Music Beautiful [Cover Art + Tracklisting]

[MUSIC BEAUTIFUL] [TRACKLISTING] 1. Fighters 2. Islands Feat. Sam Ock 3. Lavender [MUSIC VIDEO] 4. From My Window 5. Road To Seoul Feat. Sam Ock 6. Sentinel 7. Take Me Home Feat. Heesun Lee & Sarah Lee 8. Sabertooth 9. Midnight Town 10. Meant To Be Feat. Sam Ock [ Producers – Staring Cat, Sam […]

Music Beautiful

Album writing. Painting of life. Packaging our souls. The past 18 months have been one of the deepest growing periods I’ve experienced. It’s ironic – being thankful for anxiety. I’m pretty sure poison was created with the intention to kill. I guess that’s how calluses are formed. Like new fingertips being acquainted with guitar strings […]